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Tidewater Friends of Foster Care

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care, previously Norfolk Friends of Foster Care, commissioned me to create three PSA documentaries aimed at raising awareness and recruiting new parents. These documentaries provide a genuine perspective on the challenges faced by children without a sense of permanency, offering an authentic portrayal of the foster care experience to potential parents.

I extend my gratitude to Audra Bullock, the founding director and president of TFFC, and LaCora Harris, a family service worker and advisory board member of TFFC, for entrusting me with the opportunity to contribute to their mission. I was a recent college dropout who held on to their contact information from the time they asked my film class at Old Dominion Univeristy to help them with this project.This marked my first significant commission, opening numerous doors for me. I am forever thankful for the trust and opportunities they provided. Thank you so much.


The Life Book

Writing A New Chapter

  • Director: Dawit N.M.
  • DoP: Victor Collins
  • Producer: Dominique Marie
  • Editor: Dawit N.M.
  • Sound Designer: Matthew Twiford

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