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Dawit N.M., pronounced ‘dah~wheat’, is the moniker I use. The 'N.M.' is a simple mix-up from my hospital records that I've just decided to roll with – no profound meaning there.

As for those eyes in my birth certificate photo, well, they almost checked out due to a persistent eye infection. Fortunately, my vision decided to stick around, much to everyone's relief.

Now, I understand the nature of my line of work involves a bit of self-promotion. So, let me drop a name or two. My film and photo work has been exhibited alongside the works of Pollock, Rothko, Lichtenstein, and Warhol. Where, you ask? None other than The Chrysler Museum of Art. It happens to be the first museum I ever visited, and my solo exhibition there was titled The Eye That Follows. Just a little glimpse into my journey and the recognition my work has received.