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Comcast - The Road to Rise

Host Robin Harris embarks on a quest to explore the essence of entrepreneurship and understand its true spirit. During her journey, she travels to four distinct cities, engaging with four Comcast RISE (Representation, Investment, Strength, and Empowerment) recipients committed to enhancing their communities. These are their stories and their road to rise.


  • Host: Robin Harris

  • Chicago: Stephanie Sysounthone
  • Detroit: Shawn Manley
  • Philadelphia: Hector Nunez
  • Indiana: Brianna Hairlson

Supporting Cast

  • Rashad Lambert
  • James Beeley III
  • Constance Clinton
  • Lekeesha Edwards
  • Jessica Fong

Community Partners:

  • Jaime Gloshay
  • Jennifer Rodriguez

Comcast Rise Representatives:

  • Regan Yeldell
  • Lauren Blevins
Comcast Rise

  • Executive Program Co-Leads: Pooja Midha & Teresa Ward-Maupin
  • Exectuive Producers: Grail Mortillaro & Kathryn Green


  • Written By: Dabo Che & Gabrielle Shirdan
  • Producer: Tony Harding
  • Account Director: Nashona Griffen



  • Executive Producer: Sophie Gold

  • Producer: Rochelle Savory
  • Director: Dawit N.M.
  • DoP: Bradley Credit

  • Unit Production Manager: Megan Foraker
  • Controller: Robyn Blanton

  • Camera Operator: Omar Guinier
  • 1st AC: Ryan Baldwin & Brandon Eastman
  • 2nd AC: Corrine McAndrews
  • Media Manager: Will Espinola & Marco Escobedo

  • Gaffer: Mike Mortell, Haley Freund & Darry Dusbiber
  • Grip: Divine Cox
  • Props: Megan Hovany
  • Sound: Shuling Yong, Dave Rainey, Hardy Willis, Mark Haygen

  • Post Production Supervisor: Rochelle Savory
  • Editor: Dawit N.M. & Luke Thorpe
  • Assistant Editor: Joshua Elias Palmer 

  • Casting Director: Arlene Schuster-Goss 
  • Stills Photographer: Dawit N.M.

  • Production Assistants: Rafael De Lima Zecchin Maiolino, Tashauna McGee & Joe Oster

  • Music Composer: Brandon Jhons
  • Post Sound Mixer: Matt Bobb
  • Colorist: Benny Karas

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