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Mereba - The Jungle is the Only Way Out (visual EP)

While listening to the album, "Sovenier" resonated with me profoundly, sparking an idea that seemed to come at me with a force. This concept became the foundation for the film, and I was convinced that no other scene could match the grandeur and intimacy of this climax. Recognizing its significance, I decided to take a two-day break to delve into the intricacies of what precedes and follows this pivotal moment.

After spending the following two days contemplating the brilliance of that particular scene, I swiftly returned to work, conscious of the looming deadline before the holidays. Gathering every possible detail about Mereba's life, her journey, and the meanings behind each song and lyric, I meticulously constructed a world that seamlessly complemented that pivotal scene.

At that time, creating this film posed one of the most challenging tasks in my career. I vividly remember the call I made to my mother, expressing my desire to step away from directing. Although she had reservations about my involvement in the arts, citing it as a reason for my previous dropout from school, she encouraged me during this stressful period. She reminded me that I had sacrificed a great deal for this endeavor and advised against quitting. Love you, Mom.

  • Production Company: Couscous
  • Director: Dawit N.M.
  • Exectuive Producers: Salim El Arja & Jordan I Cardoso
  • Producers: Ben Narich

  • Commissioner: Marissa Ramirez
  • Video Coordinator: Shannon Leskowitz

  • 1st AD: Javier Montoya
  • 2nd AD: John Evangelista

  • DoP: Isaac Bauman
  • 1st AC: Jefri Meintjes
  • 2nd AC: Dusty Sanders

  • Gaffer: Kazmo Kida
  • Best Boy Electrician: Zachary Perez
  • Key Grib: Steve Forbes
  • Best Boy Grip: Jason Waguespack 
  • Grips: Michael Moore, Mike Madrid & Danny Vlahos
  • Production Designer: Terry Watson
  • Set Decorator: Patty Gonzalez 
  • Lead Man: Brandon Allen

  • Wardrobe Stylist: Penelope Strintz
  • Costumer: Mathilde Badji

  • Key Makeup: Mel @Makeupactivist
  • Key Hair: Kay Cunningham
  • Casting: Amen Adane
  • Caterer: Naima Genitempo

  • PA: Pavle Kujundzic & Marita Gomsrud

  • Colorist: Ricky Gausis

  • VFX BY: Mathematic
  • EP: Alexandre Pagot
  • Post Producer: Melanie Parisi & Theo Lemonnier
  • Concept: Martin Trepeau
  • 3D Assets: Arthur Girard
  • Lighting & Look Dev: Arnaud Joli
  • Compositing: Alexandre Marlier

  • Sound Mixer: Jeremy Emery

Special thanks to:
  • Durimel Twins
  • Zalma Bour
  • Jade Frank
  • Sam Hoffman
  • Mallory Leisten 
  • Solomon S. Yenesu

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