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Mereba ft. J.I.D. - Sandstorm

These mirrors know our secrets.
They’ve witnessed our wild,
Our highs spent riding the wind.
And they watched as all the storms,
Started circling our dunes.

Strangers once turned to strangers again.
And if these mirrors could speak,
Their voices just might crack,
And shake and shatter the glass into fragments.

Take a piece of my love,
We’ve been through enough stuff,
Now we need to grow up and away.

— Mereba

  • Production Company: Couscous
  • Director: Dawit N.M.
  • Executive Producers: Salim El Arja & Jordan I Cardoso

  • Video Commissioner: Marissa Ramirez
  • Video Coordinator: Shannon Kimber
  • Mgmt: Adrian Miller

  • Producer: Marita Gomsrud
  • Line Producer: Avery Daman

  • 1st AD: Javier Montoya
  • 2nd AD: Alexandra Komara

  • DoP: Drew Bienemann
  • Steadi Cam: Jason Leads
  • 1st AC: Christina Ortiz
  • 2nd AC: Leah Robson
  • Key Grip: Henry Martinez
  • BBG: Reynaldo Fortanel
  • Grip: Channing Thompson
  • Gaffer: Juan Smith
  • BBE: David Nakamura

  • Production Designer: Terry Watson
  • Art Director: Patty Gonzalez
  • Leadman: Brandon Allen

  • Wardrobe Stylist: Chloe and Chenelle
  • Wardrobe Asst: Kristin Mahler
  • Make-up: Melanesia Hunter

  • PA #1: Derek Thomason
  • PA #2: Mariel Gomsrud
  • Fire Marshall: Alex Medina

  • Editor: Henry Kaplan
  • Sound-Mix: Jeremy Emery
  • Color: Ricky Gausis

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